Ultramaratony Gravelowy Berlin – Warszawa


START 02.05.2024



Total distance: 652.24 km
Total climbing: 1875 m
Download file: Via-Regia-2024_v2.gpx


Start: Kienberg – eastern Berlin 02/05/2024 

Inspiration: an ancient route that connected the cities of the Piast dynasty with neighboring countries; the route taken by Otto III to meet Bolesław the Brave in Gniezno in 1000.

Route: the longer route (golden) will run from Berlin through Kostrzyn n/Oder, through the gravel roads of the Notecka Forest, towards Szamotuły, Poznań and Gniezno. Here it will connect with the shorter (silver) distance road to reach the historic capital – Płock – through Strzelno, Kruszwica and the Gostynińsko-Włocławski Landscape Park. From here it’s just over 100 km to Warsaw.

Roads: 650 / 300 km of adventure route, very diverse, suitable for gravel, trekking and MTB bikes.

Time limit: the finish line is open until 23:59 on May 5, 2024

Live tracking by BB Tracker

Via Regia starts in Berlin and Gniezno and ends in Warsaw. We are preparing a unique starting and finishing place – we have several options and as soon as the final decision is made, we will announce it in our media.

The longer route (gold) running from Berlin to Warsaw will be approximately 650 km. The shorter one (silver) from Gniezno to Warsaw will take about 300 km.

When preparing the route, we selected unforgettable sections that will pass through historical and unique natural places. It is possible to leave the route for overnight stays, shopping, bicycle service, medical assistance or other activities necessary to complete the race. In case of leaving the ultramarathon route, the runner is obliged to return to the route in the place where he left it.

Asphalts, gravel, forest and field roads, paths and embankments. In short, everything you need in an adventure rally.

Yes and no! We have prepared two categories of participation for participants – when taking part in a “self-supported” race, you can use the help of other competitors. The “supported” category allows for external support. The use of organized help from outside persons by a “self-supported” competitor will lead to disqualification.

Yes, you can go in twos, threes or even tens. This is a great adventure for such a group.

Yes, competitors start with a maximum of 12 people. About 1-2 weeks before the start, we will accept applications for specific starting groups.

No, but we will recommend accommodation at a reasonable price, which we will also use ourselves.

Registration for Via Regia will be conducted using the Competit form. The registration link will be made available on November 11 at 7:00 p.m.

Lower starting fees apply until December 31, 2023 – PLN 449 for a longer distance and PLN 349 for a shorter one.

From January 1, 2024, the fee will be PLN 500 and PLN 400.

The entry fee must be paid by bank transfer to the account of Gravel Polska s.j. account number: 44 1140 2004 0000 3402 8284 7980

No, the tracker is only used to send your position, so we know whether you are following a given track.

Each competitor receives a tracker and thanks to this you can check the position of all competition participants on a dedicated website.